I vow this new year to get every homeless person off the streets and someplace warn, comfortableand clean. I want to ask that anyone who’s been or know of organization attempting this feat to not prevent me from doing so as many have done in the past. Look at the big picture, when I call or come in to speak with you, treat me with the respect I deserve, treat your clients with the respect they deserve, and if you dont think I or they deserve it, you must have very low opinions of yourself which is why you chose a profession or hobby that requires putting down those you feel are beneath you. How are you spending yoyr Christmas? I bet its better than the people youre trying to “help”. Just remember youre not changing the person but the situation, and that requires compromise on all sides, even on the system that created it and encouraged those with selfish tendancies to form a workd where they prosper and others take their burden to make it easier to reach the top, by stepping on the homeless to get there. If you dont understand what Im saying its okay, genius takes a while to sink in for those with a much less unfortunate sense of intelligence.

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