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To anyone who appreciates what I say, tell my mother that so she’ll stop ruining my life by telling everyone Im crazy and stupid. Then I can change things with what I do best which I cant even put a word to it. Thanks!


I vow this new year to get every homeless person off the streets and someplace warn, comfortableand clean. I want to ask that anyone who’s been or know of organization attempting this feat to not prevent me from doing so as many have done in the past. Look at the big picture, when I call or come in to speak with you, treat me with the respect I deserve, treat your clients with the respect they deserve, and if you dont think I or they deserve it, you must have very low opinions of yourself which is why you chose a profession or hobby that requires putting down those you feel are beneath you. How are you spending yoyr Christmas? I bet its better than the people youre trying to “help”. Just remember youre not changing the person but the situation, and that requires compromise on all sides, even on the system that created it and encouraged those with selfish tendancies to form a workd where they prosper and others take their burden to make it easier to reach the top, by stepping on the homeless to get there. If you dont understand what Im saying its okay, genius takes a while to sink in for those with a much less unfortunate sense of intelligence.

Medical Profession

When we hear that a Medical Professsional “practice” their craft it makes some of us nervous. Well, the truth is very profession is a work in progress, the problem with medicine is that when one person made a “breakthrough” that turned out to be a mistake then many others made mistakes based on the “geniuses” revelations and then we are all under the assumption that everythingis going right when it’s clearly going wrong to all us degenerates without a degree. The biggest problem is when someone goes to school for ten years and incurrs hundreds of thousands in debt they eventually write off anyway many of whom dont even finish or if they do dont ever get a job with it and all theyve learned is useless because the human body is always the master at practicing the craft of distraction and illusion, doing everything it can to fool the fools who think they are smarter than everyone else just because a piece of paper says they are.

Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression is caused when a woman did acquire the necessary skills to be a mother naturally but acquired abusive tendancies from a family unit that is abusive. So, when this woman tries abusive tactics in handling her newborn, is pressured by family to be an abusive mother instead od what feels right she rejected by her child, rejected by her family no matter what she does and then ultimately is rejected by herself because everything is going wrong eventually it becomes a depressing situation and if left unchecked will become psychosis and unfortunately either the mother, her family or the child becomes the outlet for the anger, confusion and ignorance of every case.