There is nothing tough about love, but you can find it everywhere in abuse.

Give everyone a break and start being honest with yourself. This doesn’t mean beat yourself up every chance you get, it doesn’t mean protect yourself against the criticism’s of others, this means look at yourself. Take your faults, your strengths, your background, your environment, your family, your job, your money, your house, your car, your kids, your wife or husband, where you’ve been and where you want to go. Put it all into perspective, is it good, is it bad, is it what you want, is it what you’ve always dreaded, are you being you, are you being him or her? What does your life mean to you? What does your life mean to everyone else? Are you happy? Are you sad? Do you wake up each morning believing this will be the best day of your life, and tomorrow even better? Does every little thing get you upset to where some mornings the thought of even getting out of bed causes you to feel inferior to yourself? Do you like who you are? Do other people like who you are? Do you get scolded, do you get complimented? Do you feel you deserve either? Are you appreciated, if not why not? Do you have talents? Are you void of emotion? Are you disconnected to those around you? If so is it for the right reason or is it because you’re afraid you will be judged? Do you eat, do you over eat? Do you drink do you over drink? Do you have love in your heart for everyone good or bad, do you have love in your heart for you, do you know where your heart is, do other’s know where your heart is? Do you have good boundaries incoming and outgoing, are other’s aware of those boundaries, do those people respect your boundaries or have you told them where you stand? Are you violent, are you a doormat, do you have friends do you have too many acquaintances, are you lonely, do you wish to be alone more, do you party, are you afraid to have fun, do you believe if you settle down you’re going to be old? Are you adequate to your age, do you stoop to immature levels, do you throw temper tantrums, are you afraid of your temper, are you angry, are you sad, are you happy more than you should be? Every person is unique to themselves, but we all have general healthy systems that require most of the same things, if you’re out of your control those systems don’t work properly and when I say system mean everything surrounding you and inside you. Think about it, you’ll come to some interesting conclusions of your own.

Be who you are, it’s the only person you can never get away from…

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