World War III

If you look at the state of the world as a household caught up in every abusive cycle known to man you can see where we are headed.  It’s no lie Russia and North Korea and I believe Turkey? are building nuclear weapons most likely to use on us so there you’ve got your gang violence about to do a drive by, fly by or perhaps sail by, who knows, we leave ourselves open for even a walk by just look at Boston.  Even though we have good geographical boundaries we surely don’t when it comes to moral and ethical health because we allow other’s from everywhere around the world in to work and live when our own is living on the streets, just like most houses in america who are run or not run by single mother’s, you’ve got chaos and poor children.  It’s no news that the third world countries and even wealthy one’s like our own are allowing their people to starve yet we have other’s who are as consciously skewed as their obesity is wide whether their skinny butts want to believe it or not.  There are several countries in civil war or about to go in and it’s no wonder, just like a scapegoat of a kid who’s been told they’re a loser sooner or later they’re either going to leave and get a new life, leave with no life or believe it’s true, so let’s stop telling anyone else they’re bad because that makes us bad.  America I’m embarrassed to say is the controlling abusive mother of this world, we are arrogant, self righteous, determined to caused misery on anyone who says no, constantly cirticizing other’s while we have no idea of what self reflection is, our country is infested with pests that we condition to keep us company, our attitude is poor, we go in anywhere we like uninvited as if we have the right, and above all else we obviously have a spending problem no one wants to admit to and it’s about to get even bigger since we’ve decided to teach a lesson to those we deem less “worthy”, wonder why they attacked to begin with.  Now I’m not saying everyone else in this world isn’t to blame too, you have angry children, you have jealous father’s, you have aggrevating inlaws and no one is taking responsibility for their part.  Everyone right now needs to stop blaming anyone else for their part or lack there of in this matter, we are all too blame and we all have the power, the mind, the ability and the responsibility to clean up this mess because it’s going to be our end, and don’t even get me started on the environment.  I don’t want to have to tell grown people to clean their room…

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