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Jack the Ripper

I’ve been researching this social phenomena for years now, ever since I saw a depiction in a history book and became scared that although it happened a hundred years ago since we don’t know who did it, it could very well happen again.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it was Jacks the Rippers, both James Kelly and George Chapman.  I surmise that these two got together and planned an attack on women they saw as the reason for their problems, and since they needed easy targets used to being seen with multiple men in an evening, minimal investigation into events that would incriminate them, subjects that are removed from friends and families because of embarassing recriminations for their profession, almost no questions asked for wanting time alone, and an environment easy to blend in using aliases and illusions through appearance diseption, this lead to prostitutes as their victim of choice.  If one was questioned, the other could cause distraction with similar witness statements.  

If you look into the history of events from all victims presented you can see how an educated surgeon went through spells of disinterest and obsession with women and his demons as well as how a criminally insane sociopath became increasingly volatile and then almost sadisticly playful with law enforcement concerning his rituals.  If you separate these two as possible suspects it no longer seems possible which is why it’s been a mystery until now, if you put the two together you can easily see that with their differences in appearance, M.O., skill level, professional experience, acquaintances and tactics it’s almost crazy to think we believed it was one person committing such complex misinterpretations.  If you look at their similarities in thier appearance you can see how although they were two people, they were considered one because of the multiple accounts and the way in which they blended in.  These men knew their victims, they listened to their stories, they watched and waited for the right time.  All accounts I’ve read seem synonomous with the demise of their victims before they were murdered.  Unfortunately this has remained a mystery because the people who ignore the truth do it because they want the drama to continue, I prefer to live in a world where no one goes through something like this because a hundred and twenty some odd years later it’s still scary as ****….

I understand that something this ridiculous is difficult to comprehend and will probably get pushed aside as all other crazy theories do until they get proven as fact however, putting this on the back burner won’t make it go away.  I also understand that when someone says just the right thing in just the right way at just the right time it’s impossible to forget, so happy thinking…

Women’s Illness

I would just like to suggest the possibility that a menstrual cycle is a long term genetic illness which affects most women.  I would also like to suggest that although science states that a women cannot reproduce without a menstrual cycle that we look at the gender of most of these individuals.  As well as the fact that many women go without a cycle for many months whether on birth control or not and still have children.  We need to look at the facts and how they were interpreted instead of just taking “common knowledge” analysis as fact.  

Humans are emotional, science is factual, mixing the two produces false results…