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Social Media

So, I was kicked off Facebook almost four years ago because my mother decided she didn’t want me to communicate with other people whom she wasn’t in control of.  So, she got her assistant to look up the people I was friends with a started a war in which I admit I was defeated because my account was disabled, I can’t go up against millions of people plus my mother and win so I submitted.  Then my boyfriend said someone hacked into his account and put my mother and sister on his “friends” list, my mother said that it shouldn’t bother me because it was my fault I couldn’t get on there.  Well, let’s just say I don’t give a *** *** **** about anything regarding facebook or it’s pawns.  Then I succombed to the harassing emails of Linkedin, Twitter and Myspace just to prove a point and it worked.  I just almost got kicked off Twitter their reasoning was I sending unwanted tweets to other uses and it was annoying to them.  Well anyone can look on my page and see that the only tweet is this:  “I was told once that the purpose of a father is to protect the children from the mother, isn’t that the opposite of a mother’s purpose?”.  So, I guess on both sites I only offended one person, the one person that no one should ever offend.  But being a mother doesn’t make you perfect, you should make sure you’re close to perfect as you can be before becoming a mother.  So mom, sorry for insulting you, but I just couldn’t think of any other way to tell you what I think…


I’ve realized something about myself.  There are three kinds of sleep for me.  There’s the “I love life and want to enjoy every moment and sometimes a good nap is just the way to do it”.  Then there’s the “I’m ready to do something my gut and mind are telling me not to so in defense against my perseverance and stubbornness my body drains itself of energy in order to prevent myself from completing a destructive task or tasks”.  Then there’s the third kind which is I hope the one I’m experiencing now and that’s “when I’ve been calm, I’ve been strong, I’ve been smart, I’ve been ruthless, I’ve been patient and I’ve been willing to endure just to survive in this world and then there comes a time when it’s all over, I can collapse, and I just need a break”.  I need all responsibility to be taken off my hands for a little bit and time to reenergize.  I’m thinking what I’m experiencing with it’s bolstering effect, meaning it’s own persistance is that it’s all three.  I love life and I enjoy a good nap. And I do have a habit of going to far and my body does tell me to relax and to just stop so I’m happy to listen.  And I have been through it and through it and through it again, I’ve been “rode hard and put away wet”.  Is it time to stop trying to make some sense of nonsense?  Or is there still some moronic fool thinking they’d love to take another test drive?  Who knows but even if I’m headed for disaster I thank my lucky stars I’ve prepared myself for the fall and built this butt for cushion!

Self Reflection

I hope all those individuals who prefer to prey on the weaknesses of other’s instead of looking at themselves change this year.  I see so much bullying by those who believe they are stronger or prettier or smarter or well they wouldn’t call themselves meaner but that’s what they are.  So many people need to grow up and realize that each person is it’s own force, it’s own world, it’s own mind and it’s own spirit.  You can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do, and even if you are allowed by your victim to think you’re are winning them over whether in conscious or subconscious their mind is cooking up a rebellion.  But either way it’s today that matters most, no one has time to be anyone’s slave, no one has time to constantly worry about what other people think and how it affects them.  Everyone worry about yourself and everything will be just fine…

Police Abuse

I’ve been reading about how abusive the police are.  In some situations they are heroes to me and to most, but to some they are stalkers, bullies and neanderthals who only want someone to pick on they feel has less power.  I think these injustices need to stop.  I’ve never been harassed by the police because I don’t give them cause to I sure hope it doesn’t start now after I write this.  I’ve heard free speech is a right but then after the state of the world where people go to jail for saying what they think I’m not so sure it’s upheld.  I hear so much as well that people aren’t incarcerated anymore for just saying something, that was fifty years ago but it doesn’t happen anymore, I’m not so sure about that…

Believe in Something

The one thing I would like understood about my stance on abuse is that no one should control an individual but that individual.  Any and all efforts otherwise are not effective.  You can’t change anyone but yourself.  You can teach, you can show, you can prevent but you can’t change.  And if there’s a time when you believe that someone needs to change ask yourself why.  This is a major point, why that person?  Why not their brother or sister or mother or father or the guy down the street?  Is it because they’re your daughter or son or mother or father or husband or wife or for the color of their skin?  In that case what does their position in life whether given or sought out allow them to be your slave?  And you don’t want to see it that way but it’s true.  Anyone that you attempt to control you are attempting to make your slave and from the last major case of it I’d say we are done playing master.  No one is your slave, nor are you anyone else’s.  And let me make one more point, the more you attempt to control something or someone the more strength that being builds to defy you, and since they’re closer to the core of their being than you are, survival instinct will pervail in them and leave you wondering what just happened.  In simpler terms you’re only hurting yourself when you attempt to hurt someone else….


There is not one reason on God’s green earth for anyone to be punished.  Now, there are reasons for someone who is behaving badly to be taught their lesson for sure.  But to punish is to take your anger out on someone, and when this happens a cycle is started, and when this cycle is not recognized it is allowed to continue and soon it festered into a widely misunderstood form of torture both for the accused and for the accuser.  There’s a way to get someone’s attention and another to get their control, you need to look at which side you’re on.  Also, if you’re telling someone that they deserve their punishment because that’s just the way things are then you too are part of that cycle because it just takes one voice to be heard and take it from someone who knows that when you come up with a crazy idea whether people want to or not they listen.  I’m not saying my ideas are crazy but as those who came before me at those first words it’s always considered crazy.  When a person commits a wrongful act they truly believe they are right, if they believed they were wrong they wouldn’t have done it, and because we don’t recognize this we don’t reform anyone to believe they are wrong, we automatically think they know and they really don’t.  When someone realizes they’re wrong after committing wrongful acts believing they’re right, the embarassment, frustration, absolute mortification of what they’ve done is a punishment no one but themselves can bring about…


: good or useful
If we lived in a world where we could go outside not worrying about being shot or killed, where are wildlife could thrive in abundance all over, where the air we breathe is full of only good things as it’s intended and nothing harmful, where our environment cleans, recycles, and promotes life like the well oiled machine it was designed as, where I could talk to my mother without being yelled at, where sisters can get along and brother too, where no child feels threatened whether worrying if starvation or a beating is coming next and which will be worse, where we all see beauty because it exists not just because we want something else to look at other than the ugly, where history is preserved but the lessons are wildly told to avoid reoccurance, and where everyone has a voice.  Problems create drama and we do thrive on drama, there’s no way to prevent problems as they occur, but so many have occurred too long….
Ignorance is not positive thinking, negative thinking is believing there’s nothing you can do and anyone who doesn’t share that philosophy is to be ignored…