To anyone who appreciates what I say, tell my mother that so she’ll stop ruining my life by telling everyone Im crazy and stupid. Then I can change things with what I do best which I cant even put a word to it. Thanks!


I vow this new year to get every homeless person off the streets and someplace warn, comfortableand clean. I want to ask that anyone who’s been or know of organization attempting this feat to not prevent me from doing so as many have done in the past. Look at the big picture, when I call or come in to speak with you, treat me with the respect I deserve, treat your clients with the respect they deserve, and if you dont think I or they deserve it, you must have very low opinions of yourself which is why you chose a profession or hobby that requires putting down those you feel are beneath you. How are you spending yoyr Christmas? I bet its better than the people youre trying to “help”. Just remember youre not changing the person but the situation, and that requires compromise on all sides, even on the system that created it and encouraged those with selfish tendancies to form a workd where they prosper and others take their burden to make it easier to reach the top, by stepping on the homeless to get there. If you dont understand what Im saying its okay, genius takes a while to sink in for those with a much less unfortunate sense of intelligence.

Medical Profession

When we hear that a Medical Professsional “practice” their craft it makes some of us nervous. Well, the truth is very profession is a work in progress, the problem with medicine is that when one person made a “breakthrough” that turned out to be a mistake then many others made mistakes based on the “geniuses” revelations and then we are all under the assumption that everythingis going right when it’s clearly going wrong to all us degenerates without a degree. The biggest problem is when someone goes to school for ten years and incurrs hundreds of thousands in debt they eventually write off anyway many of whom dont even finish or if they do dont ever get a job with it and all theyve learned is useless because the human body is always the master at practicing the craft of distraction and illusion, doing everything it can to fool the fools who think they are smarter than everyone else just because a piece of paper says they are.

Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression is caused when a woman did acquire the necessary skills to be a mother naturally but acquired abusive tendancies from a family unit that is abusive. So, when this woman tries abusive tactics in handling her newborn, is pressured by family to be an abusive mother instead od what feels right she rejected by her child, rejected by her family no matter what she does and then ultimately is rejected by herself because everything is going wrong eventually it becomes a depressing situation and if left unchecked will become psychosis and unfortunately either the mother, her family or the child becomes the outlet for the anger, confusion and ignorance of every case.


There is nothing tough about love, but you can find it everywhere in abuse.

Give everyone a break and start being honest with yourself. This doesn’t mean beat yourself up every chance you get, it doesn’t mean protect yourself against the criticism’s of others, this means look at yourself. Take your faults, your strengths, your background, your environment, your family, your job, your money, your house, your car, your kids, your wife or husband, where you’ve been and where you want to go. Put it all into perspective, is it good, is it bad, is it what you want, is it what you’ve always dreaded, are you being you, are you being him or her? What does your life mean to you? What does your life mean to everyone else? Are you happy? Are you sad? Do you wake up each morning believing this will be the best day of your life, and tomorrow even better? Does every little thing get you upset to where some mornings the thought of even getting out of bed causes you to feel inferior to yourself? Do you like who you are? Do other people like who you are? Do you get scolded, do you get complimented? Do you feel you deserve either? Are you appreciated, if not why not? Do you have talents? Are you void of emotion? Are you disconnected to those around you? If so is it for the right reason or is it because you’re afraid you will be judged? Do you eat, do you over eat? Do you drink do you over drink? Do you have love in your heart for everyone good or bad, do you have love in your heart for you, do you know where your heart is, do other’s know where your heart is? Do you have good boundaries incoming and outgoing, are other’s aware of those boundaries, do those people respect your boundaries or have you told them where you stand? Are you violent, are you a doormat, do you have friends do you have too many acquaintances, are you lonely, do you wish to be alone more, do you party, are you afraid to have fun, do you believe if you settle down you’re going to be old? Are you adequate to your age, do you stoop to immature levels, do you throw temper tantrums, are you afraid of your temper, are you angry, are you sad, are you happy more than you should be? Every person is unique to themselves, but we all have general healthy systems that require most of the same things, if you’re out of your control those systems don’t work properly and when I say system mean everything surrounding you and inside you. Think about it, you’ll come to some interesting conclusions of your own.

Be who you are, it’s the only person you can never get away from…

World War III

If you look at the state of the world as a household caught up in every abusive cycle known to man you can see where we are headed.  It’s no lie Russia and North Korea and I believe Turkey? are building nuclear weapons most likely to use on us so there you’ve got your gang violence about to do a drive by, fly by or perhaps sail by, who knows, we leave ourselves open for even a walk by just look at Boston.  Even though we have good geographical boundaries we surely don’t when it comes to moral and ethical health because we allow other’s from everywhere around the world in to work and live when our own is living on the streets, just like most houses in america who are run or not run by single mother’s, you’ve got chaos and poor children.  It’s no news that the third world countries and even wealthy one’s like our own are allowing their people to starve yet we have other’s who are as consciously skewed as their obesity is wide whether their skinny butts want to believe it or not.  There are several countries in civil war or about to go in and it’s no wonder, just like a scapegoat of a kid who’s been told they’re a loser sooner or later they’re either going to leave and get a new life, leave with no life or believe it’s true, so let’s stop telling anyone else they’re bad because that makes us bad.  America I’m embarrassed to say is the controlling abusive mother of this world, we are arrogant, self righteous, determined to caused misery on anyone who says no, constantly cirticizing other’s while we have no idea of what self reflection is, our country is infested with pests that we condition to keep us company, our attitude is poor, we go in anywhere we like uninvited as if we have the right, and above all else we obviously have a spending problem no one wants to admit to and it’s about to get even bigger since we’ve decided to teach a lesson to those we deem less “worthy”, wonder why they attacked to begin with.  Now I’m not saying everyone else in this world isn’t to blame too, you have angry children, you have jealous father’s, you have aggrevating inlaws and no one is taking responsibility for their part.  Everyone right now needs to stop blaming anyone else for their part or lack there of in this matter, we are all too blame and we all have the power, the mind, the ability and the responsibility to clean up this mess because it’s going to be our end, and don’t even get me started on the environment.  I don’t want to have to tell grown people to clean their room…

Jack the Ripper

I’ve been researching this social phenomena for years now, ever since I saw a depiction in a history book and became scared that although it happened a hundred years ago since we don’t know who did it, it could very well happen again.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it was Jacks the Rippers, both James Kelly and George Chapman.  I surmise that these two got together and planned an attack on women they saw as the reason for their problems, and since they needed easy targets used to being seen with multiple men in an evening, minimal investigation into events that would incriminate them, subjects that are removed from friends and families because of embarassing recriminations for their profession, almost no questions asked for wanting time alone, and an environment easy to blend in using aliases and illusions through appearance diseption, this lead to prostitutes as their victim of choice.  If one was questioned, the other could cause distraction with similar witness statements.  

If you look into the history of events from all victims presented you can see how an educated surgeon went through spells of disinterest and obsession with women and his demons as well as how a criminally insane sociopath became increasingly volatile and then almost sadisticly playful with law enforcement concerning his rituals.  If you separate these two as possible suspects it no longer seems possible which is why it’s been a mystery until now, if you put the two together you can easily see that with their differences in appearance, M.O., skill level, professional experience, acquaintances and tactics it’s almost crazy to think we believed it was one person committing such complex misinterpretations.  If you look at their similarities in thier appearance you can see how although they were two people, they were considered one because of the multiple accounts and the way in which they blended in.  These men knew their victims, they listened to their stories, they watched and waited for the right time.  All accounts I’ve read seem synonomous with the demise of their victims before they were murdered.  Unfortunately this has remained a mystery because the people who ignore the truth do it because they want the drama to continue, I prefer to live in a world where no one goes through something like this because a hundred and twenty some odd years later it’s still scary as ****….

I understand that something this ridiculous is difficult to comprehend and will probably get pushed aside as all other crazy theories do until they get proven as fact however, putting this on the back burner won’t make it go away.  I also understand that when someone says just the right thing in just the right way at just the right time it’s impossible to forget, so happy thinking…

Women’s Illness

I would just like to suggest the possibility that a menstrual cycle is a long term genetic illness which affects most women.  I would also like to suggest that although science states that a women cannot reproduce without a menstrual cycle that we look at the gender of most of these individuals.  As well as the fact that many women go without a cycle for many months whether on birth control or not and still have children.  We need to look at the facts and how they were interpreted instead of just taking “common knowledge” analysis as fact.  

Humans are emotional, science is factual, mixing the two produces false results…

Abuse Redemption

I would love to see a story of how the abusers of abused children and adults are required to receive medical attention.  If anyone is seen for a mental illness regardless of their age or financial stature their immediate family members are also ordered to receive treatment because after all it’s a family disease.  Hasn’t history shown that yet?

When I look at all the problems in the world I see complication by design.  I see a lot of good people and some of those people doing a lot of bad things.  I see embarassment and regret, but most of all I see what most don’t see and that’s ignorance.  Ignorance is meant to be hidden or else we wouldn’t have a word to describe the act of ignoring.  But ignorance isn’t just harmful for what fails to be seen, it’s harmful because of what fails to get done.  Through now since the beginning of time we have constituted a way for some of us to get what we want at the expense of deprivation of other’s, it wasn’t intended to be this way no matter what the books say, it was just a consequence of certain races, sexes, places or whatever not knowing the difference between right and wrong.  But one thing remains constant, we need history to learn from it and unfortunately we made mistakes for the same reason, it doesn’t mean we need to make them anymore.  Now if we look at what’s been said before, what’s been done before, what works, what doesn’t, what makes us feel good what makes us feel bad we form a pattern and that pattern finally gets recognized as our map into the future.  The list for what works and what doesn’t is both equally long and difficult to determine for everyone which is why everyone needs a say.  But as humans we have basic needs, and as a society our wants are simple as our basic needs, traditions can be kept if everyone agrees, but the point is what doesn’t work needs to go.  The negativity which caused such destruction is the hardest thing to decipher and change but once it’s no longer ignored you can see the forest for the trees because your head’s no longer up your ass…Thank you…